Business Contact
Business ContactAl & Jane Smoake
Business Mobile Phone505-507-0991
Business Location
Address 1315 Tracey Lane
Zip/Postal Code87823
StateNew Mexico
CountryUnited States

Al Smoake has been making mesquite bean and prickly pear cactus jelly since about 1976. When he became a member of the Socorro Farmer's Market Association in 1994, he offered them for sale at the local farmer's market. After Al and Jane were married in 2007, they formed an LLC, A and J Family Farms, LLC, and began to produce and market their jellies. At first there were only the two jellies: mesquite bean and prickly pear cactus jellies. Jane came up with the idea of adding pineapple to their jellies and their line of delicious, locally made products has expanded since then.

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