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Why Join?

There are plenty of reasons to join the Chamber -

Join as a Chamber Member: you will receive the benefits presented to only Chamber members, including member-to-member discounts, networking opportunities, member-only events plus the Chamber promotes the community as a destination for visitors, corporate travelers and for families considering relocation. This is your chance to join the leading business association in our area.

Join as an Employee of a Chamber Member: being an employee of an existing member, means you are an additional contact of the primary member. Only the primary member of the Chamber, has the ability to add and edit a directory listing on behalf of the business. But as an Employee, you can still engage in the site, join event, participate in committees and connect with other members.

Join as a Subscriber or Event Participant: you will be able to receive information on important community and Chamber events and activities, join and/or create events. However, you will not be able to ADD a profile image or a Business Directory listing and payment is not required.

Membership Details

New (start-up)Business/Home-based Business/Individual Entrepreneur
$100 Includes start-up businesses for their first 2 years

Charitable/Civic/Religious/Other Organizations
$100 All non-profit organizations

Entrepreneurial Business
$120 Local business with no employees (“mom and pop” business, etc.)

Small Business
$150 Local business with 1 – 10 employees

Medium Business
$200 Business with 11 – 25 employees

Large Business
$300 Business with 26 – 50 employees

Major Employer
$400 Business with 51 – 125 employees

Larger than 125 employees
$400 + $25 (Add $25 per every 10 employees)

Second Business
+$50 Business owners who own multiple businesses can join their most prominent business at the standard rate for their size, and join additional businesses for a rate of $50 per additional business

Supporter Level 1
$50-$99 Individuals and other donors who wish to support the Chamber, but are not seeking business promotion and other benefits – will be listed as supporter on our web site (unless they request otherwise)

Supporter Level 2
$100-$249 Same as above

$250 and above Will be categorized as sponsors, with a different set of benefits. Sponsorships may include a complementary membership, with different membership levels being associated with different sponsorship levels

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